Zungu Investments Co. is an active shareholder of reference with on-balance sheet investments. Our guiding principles, coupled with our commitment and uncompromising integrity, form the basis of every investment opportunity.

We are

Focused on Long-Term Investing

Our focused investing approach enables us to form long-term partnerships that generate exceptional returns over time.

A Socially-Responsible Investor

We seek investments with similar socially-responsible morals and ethics that we hold in high regard. Through our Zico Foundation, we strive to build and uplift the communities in which we work.

An Empowerment Investor

We actively drive black economic empowerment and transformation in investee companies.

Our Investment Criteria

Zungu Investments Co. invests in businesses with a sustainable business model and a strong track-record, with significant growth prospects. Businesses that share our own interests, values and integrity are also qualifying criteria.

Businesses that we typically invest in have:

  • An EBITDA of at least R30 million
  • Sustainable or predictable cash flows